PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamp

I am considering this preamp for my system. Has anyone here had experience with it? I know it is no longer produced, but I like the flexibility it has. Thoughts?
I had one for about a year & it was decent for the bucks. The output is on the low side so be careful what cartridge you pair it with.
Thanks, Lwin. How about noise?
I also had one for a while with a Dynavector 10 x 5 and I enjoyed it very much. Was very quiet. I ran it directly to my amp instead of line level to my pre amp as the GCPH has an adjustable gain knob. For me anyway, at line level it was ordinary. Direct to amp as a standalone pre amp, another story. Much more open, deeper, tighter bass.
I had one and did not like it at all... I sold it almost immediately and got a Jasmine LP2. I really enjoyed that and thought it was better in every regard. This was all in a Rega P3/Dynavector, Pass Labs INT-30A, Thiel 2.4 system, fwiw. I eventually sold the entire analog side and went fully digital, so I don't have a dog in the fight.