Ps Audio GCP 200

Anyone have this new preamp? Curious to hear reactions?
I have it and it's a superb addition to a high quality system.
I'm pairing it with NHT's new digital Xds and it's a fine match.

Unfortunately, for what this preamp is capable of doing and its flexibility you don't see the good ink it deserves. Most likely due to the HT market taking so many dollars out of the two channel market.

But even so, it's a very fine performer and beats many competitors, whether tube or solid state at higher price levels.
I am really interested in this pre amp. I have the GCC-100 (underwood mod) and it is the best solid state I have heard. However- I recently got my Atma-sphere MA1 OTL amps re tubed, and they seem to be outstanding (being fed directly from a GCPH phono- which is also gain cell)

The problem with the GCPH direct combo is there is not enough gain for me with a .5mv Sumiko Celebration (although a MC step up device may be the fix.)

And of course I can't plug in digital sources with this configuration, and would also like to replace it with a Tron Seven phono pre- which I had for in home audition. Tested only With the GCC- 100 amp, the Tron was better than the GCPH.

So this leads me to need a pre amp. I have ordered the new H-Cat remote pre, which will be here in a few weeks. I am thinking of also ordering a GCP-200 and GCPS to have here at the same time, and returning the lesser unit.

I really hate to Jerk around Audio companies by ordering something I am considering returning, but I think this would be an amazing shoot out.

As far as amps -I have the MA1's to test as well as the GCC100 - so I think I can really give both pre amps a fair evaluation with tube and SS. (and also bypass mode using the GCC-100 directly - as well as the GCPH/MA1 direct combo to test for any sonic signature in the pre's.)

However I do use Cerious cables, which supposedly take time to settle after being moved.

If I ended up keeping the PS Audio, I would probably get it modded by Parts connection, since my modded GCC-100 sound quite a bit better than stock. (one reason I'd hate to sell it- just in case the Atma's are too hot for summer, blow tubes, etc) I can also use the GCC-100 just to pre-power my powered subs - and drive at speaker level with the ability to tweek bass levels via remote!!!! That would be cool - the OTL's on top and GCC100 on bottow- but then the system gets so complicated- I also just ordered Zero's for the Atma's so with this much gear - things could get complicated very quickly in a small apartment.

Maybe the bi- amp thing will have to be set aside and sell the GCC.

I'll post back though on the H-Cat and possibly the GCP-200.

Man this hobby is complicated - I can't wait to just settle on my latest electronics and from end and stop swapping components for a few years.