PS Audio GCC 250 vs Wyred 4 sound STi500

Has anyone compared the two integrated. They have the same specs and look indentical.? The PS audio when new costed way over $3000 , the current Wyred4sounds costs $1995.00.
Can't speak to the PS Audio integrated, but I have a W4S STI-500 integrated amp which serves as a preamp to a 7-channel W4S MC7x250 power amp feeding three sets of Monitor Audio Golds and my surrounds. Both amps are routed through a PS Audio Power Plant P5. In short, this combination provides a super low noise floor, excellent music presence and depth. The W4S stuff is top rate as is the PS Audio stuff. My sources are routed through a W4S DAC-2, a fabulous machine in its own right.
Ducks2007: I'm thinking about purchasing a Wyred amp. I also like a low noise floor. May I ask what products you prefer the Wyreds over? Also, in which ways?
My previous system was Parasound P3, A23 times 2, and HCA1205a multi channel amp. Parasound makes nice music, but has a higher noise floor, and runs much warmer than the Class D Wyred.