PS Audio GCA or RogueM180

I realize these are two very different amplifiers. I have the PS Audio GCA 250's in my system. I have had them about 4 years. I am eyeing the Rogue Audio M180 mono blocks. Is this a sideways move or...?
Highs seem a bit harsh in my rig Any Suggestions?
Raysonic 168
PS Audio GCP200
PS Audio GCA 250 (x2 bi amp)
Von Schweikert VR-2
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All in favor say I. Get some tubes in your system. I just upgraded my m-150's to 180's and i am very pleased with the results and they are made in America, what a novel concept
Yeah, you betcha, TUBES ROCK!!! In fact, I have a nice Cary CAD 120S tube amp for sale!

One thing is pretty certain... the Rogue tube amps will sound quite a bit different than the PS Audio amp. They will require tube rolling to achieve the best sound... And you will never actually achieve the best sound.