PS Audio Equipment???

PS Audio has a ton of different gear to potentially help the rest of my own gear in different ways. My question is what to go with? They have the Power Ports, Ultimate Outlet, Juice Bar, Duet, Quintet, P-300,P-500,P-600,P-1000,P-1200, etc, etc. Is there a combination that works better then others? I have mainly Arcam and Aragon equipment. Also, what should I plug my two Aragon 8008 amps into? I currently have a older Transparent Ultra Bank conditioner and a Monster AVS2000 Voltage Stabilzer. Do I stick with these or go with something else? Any opinions is appreciated. Thanks
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I directly compared my Monster strip to a PS Audio Quintet in my system, and I did not like what the Quintet did to the sound, either. Greatly reduced dynamics and soundstage, and instrumental timbres were not resolved nearly as well. The Monster stayed in my system. I would probably just plug in to the wall if it weren't for the fact that I live in an area that experiences bad thunderstorms, so I want the surge protection.
For the amps go directly into dedicated wall outlets,Power Port Premier [2]
Get at least 1 Power Plant Premier for ac REGENERATION, not just "conditioning!"
Careful to put analog with analog and digital with digital in the plug in spheres...

You will also need a neutral ac cable for the Premier as well...

Good Luck!
I initially thought my duet reduced clarity and dynamics, but once it broke in (after 5-7 days), I found it to be very transparent, and cost effective.
I had a P300 Powerplant for something like 8 years, never had a problem and it sounded very good, but was a power hog.
Recently I purchased a refurb power plant premier. That broke within a few hours. So I paid to get a brand new one in exchange. That one broke in 2 days.
That was it for me. Returned it for a full credit and I'm done.
All their new stuff seems to be made in China.
I brought this up with a highend dealer I know in FL that carries PS. His reply: Why do you think I don't have any of their stuff in the store?
I do like their power cables though. So if you intend to buy any of their products, just make sure it's from a dealer that will stand behind it.
My Power Plant Premier has been working non-stop with not one problem for 2 years and sounds wonderful. I guess I got a good one. They do have some problems with some of their units but PS Audio will repair a unit until it works perfectly. Read about it in there forums.
I'm using a P-500 for my entire system. I have an integrated, DVD transport, and DAC all plugged into it and it runs fine. I even rewired it to work on 230V since I live overseas. The output is still 120V and the difference it made in my system was amazing.

Ever since I built a balance power transformer I've been a fan of balanced power. The newer PP Premier does not do balanced output, but the older P units do.

At the very least, use regenerated output for your front end and plug the amps into the filtered outlet of the unit.
My PPP died this week. It shows no sign of life. It's a year old. I called PS Audio and they sent me a box to return it in because I had got rid of mine (new house, no room). Hopefully it will come back as good as new because I really miss it.
The PS Audio PPP was delivered to me last week, part of a new shipment to the distributor. It worked for about 8 hrs, then tripped my main circuit and shut down. Subsequent attempts to start it met with the same results. I told the distributor, who tried out a couple of units he had with the same result. Yeah, the new PPPs are from China.

I also have a PurePower APS 1050, another regenerator ... has worked like a song the past two months I've had it ...