PS Audio DS Jr vs. SR

Looks like my dac search has led me to these two...I just dont know what the Jr gives up to the Sr.

As far as a price point, the Jr fits the budget on a used unit but can stretch it a little. I see a lot of Jr’s for sale so I’m curious if owners look for something new sooner than later. The ones that upgrade to the Sr, was it a large upgrade? The Sr is a bit of a stretch right now for the budget.

I know that can be subjective, but having never heard either, would like to know what users found different in terms of SQ with the Sr.

My current dac is my Marantz SA8005 which doubles as a transport....I will not need the Jr as a preamp.

Tough choice debating drinking some of the PSA Kool Aid now with the Jr, or hold out for the Sr.

All input and criticism appreciated.
I have heard both and can safely say that Sr. is definitely worth waiting for. I did and I am loving mine and once it has broken in it is a stunning machine.
I've owned a "Sr" since they first came on the market, and have been very happy with it ever since.

Paul from PS Audio says the "Jr" is "85%" as good as a "Sr".  I've heard both, but not side by side.  The "Sr" in my opinion seems to extract a bit more detail from the source, and to me, sounds just a bit more "analog" than the "Jr".

Both models have been improved over time with PS Audio's release of new firmware.

If I were in your shoes, I'd wait and get the "Sr".
    I originally had the jr. which was very good. Once I got the sr. broken in after trading up from jr, there was no comparison. The sr. is the best single piece I've ever owned. It is outstanding and more lush and analog like than the jr.  If your budget warrants the jr. only, then start with that. You surely won't be disappointed. I use the Marantz Sa8005 as a transport because the directstream is so amazing. I also use it as my preamp direct to my amps. I never imagined that I could listen contentedly without a preamp in the chain. Extremely happy with my system finally.......Dante
Shop around for a used Sr.
I have one that I want to sell. If interested PM me.

I appreciate all the input, sorry for the late reply. I will hold off and look into a Sr., I had some funds set aside and had to treat my room and had the itch to pull the trigger on a Jr.

snopro, thank you for the heads up.

DirectStream Sr. DAC's are now on sale!


Thanks @scotte_1, been eyeballing them as well as the P10....hard to decide on what to get
This is less relevant now considering the "sale" and large price cuts PS Audio has on their dacs however....I originally purchased a Jr. and noticed before the last OS upgrade a weird pulsing artifact with the Jr once the volume was at a certain level (I think it was at "75"). Extremely weird. I called PS Audio and (Jason?) offered to upgrade me at no charge to the Sr. I’m really happy with the DS dac. For me its the smoothest, most analog dac I personally have heard and that includes some of the r2r dacs like the Metrum units. I purchased the Jr at a significant discount...not directly from PS Audio.  All they required was that I return the Jr and they shipped me a Sr at no charge.  I was impressed.  Go for the PS Audio!
Sale has been over for awhile...
aolmrd1241 Thanks for that update.  I checked the PS Audio site and their "sale" may have been more effective than they anticipated.  The sale is off, and PS Directstreams are backordered with first available date is May 2019.  That's a little shocking I would say.
PS audio also offers generous credits for trade ins of used audio equipment. During the sale, it wasn’t available on the Directstream Sr. but it’s now back. If you have things to trade, you can get close to the sale price.  Their web site has a place to enter your trade ins and compute the value.