PS Audio DLlll DAC with Monarchy Dip

Has anyone out there used a PS Audio DLlll Dac with a Monarchy Dip? If so, did you get any type of improvement in sound quality? I'm using an old Sony Dvd S7000 as a transport which I believe to be solid in that regard into the DLlll.. The DLlll has not been burned in at this time but the sound quality is pretty darn good.. I'm not that knowledgeable about the jitter end of the equation so any advise would be helpful... Thanks

Associated Equipment
Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated amp, Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers,
REL Q201e subwoofer and Stereovox XV-2 digital cable
I have not used a Monarchy DIP with my PSA DLIII. The DLIII alone is a great DAC and can improve your transport without the DIP. I don't know if the DIP would add or subtract from the DLIII but I recommend you try the DLIII with your S7000 for a while. It is quite likely that it will be enough. The DLIII has excellent jitter reduction and upsamples to 96 or 192. I don't see the need for the DIP, but I could be corrected. By the way, I also have the VSA VR-1 and an REL Q108E sub system and it is really fantastic. Instead of the MF A5 I use a Creek 5350 SE. We probably like the same sound! Good luck.
It sounds like you also have a very nice system.. I do like the way my system sounds right now and the DLIII does sound great alone but I wanted to satisfy my curiosity so I just purchased a Monarchy Dip on Audiogon, I should get it sometime next week.. I wanted to try it while I still have two digital cables. I hope to post my findings in a couple of weeks.. You wouldn't happen to also have a VPI scout turntable would you?? In a few months I will need a new cartridge and thinking of getting the Ortofon M2 Black.. Then I should be in audio nirvana.. Thanks for the reply....
I am using a MMF-7 for vinyl. I don't listen as much as I would like, but it is a great TT for the money and gives me what I want. Let us know if the DIP makes a difference.
I've used a DIP with a DLIII. Sonos/Dip/DLIII Made a nice improvement. Sound was a bit less edgy, bass a bit better defined, overall a more relaxed sound. Worth the cost IMO
Well, I finally got a chance to listen to the Monarchy DIP... Erikminer hit the nail on the head... While I didn't hear a huge improvement like when I installed the PS Audio Dac DLlll... I also thought the sound was less edgy and more focused, I also found the sound stage opened up a little.. All in all a nice upgrade for the money.. I asked my wife to listen to the dip before and after it was installed without telling her what I heard and she confirmed the same findings... She is actually a good listener..
It should be better with the DL 2. Oh wait, after 12 years it's still not available.