PS Audio DLIII vs. Wyred4Sound Dac1/2

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but any old owners of the DLIII that have switched to either of the Wyred 4 Sound dacs. What are the main differences you experienced? Also does it auto detect sources like the DLIII?
Well I haven't heard the PS, but the guys at Wyred did mods on thePS DAC and say their Wyreds are an improvement over their modded PS units
Traded in my modded for PSllls for Dac1s. Dac 1s are faster, more detailed and quieter. Quite a bargain, have to go way up in price to match the sound.
Ditto comments by Magnumpi205.
I have owned PS Audio as well as a modded version by Cullen and also a DAC 1 as well as what I call a w4s "DAC 1.5" which is a a DAC 1 with some upgrades to the USB and better caps.
The w4s DAC is a great DAC.
Thanks for all your comments I am probably going to make the move after the taxes are squared away!
For similar price ($1095 shipped) you cen get a Metrum Octave, which is quite a bit better.