PS Audio DL3 Level4 Dac VS redbook player?

Hi All,
I listened to a PS Audio DL3 Dac with level 4 mods in my system and was stunned. Especially the 96/24 kHz oversampling mode was excellent, very natural. But I read here that a decent redbook player might be still better. Any experience? I would considder players up to 4k on the used market.
Looking forward to interesting advice!
If you can spare 4K on a used player, you can't go wrong with the Ayre C-5XE or the C-5XE MP. Too bad, I just sold my C-5XE but there is still a C-5XE MP available. Go and grap that.

I have the PSA DL3 with Level 3 mod before and the Ayre's internal DAC just give you a taste of what high-end is.

It can be your last player.
Hi Dtsag,
thank you for your response!
I also thought about Ayre; is the C-5XE better for redbook playback than the C-7XE - for a person like me who owns no SACDs?
Another point: I do not have the possibility to go balanced (too complicated active system with unbalanced line amp and active cross overs); would you still think the Ayre is the right decision in this case?
I appreciate your advice! Thanks!
I am never a fan of SACD myself even though I might have about 10 SACDs in my library. I am sure the C-5XE's redbook playback capability is much better than the C-7XE. Many internal components are different in the two models and I doubt those components are for SACD only.

For most high end players, their balanced output is always better. I do have faith that the C-5XE's single-ended output is still better than a cheaper player's single-ended output. Just that you won't see the full potential of the Ayre until you go balanced.

You should get the best player you can afford and as I said, this may be your last player. You may upgrade your downstream components later on and don't need the x-over at all. Good luck.