PS Audio Directstream Junior Owner - Still beneficial to buy a separate server/streamer?

Hi All,

As I think about the next upgrade in my system path, I was looking into getting a server/streamer but was unsure if that would be a worthwhile benefit. I have the DSJ that I use as a Roon endpoint (my PC, located in another room, is my Roon Core).

I stream approximately 60% of my content while the other 40% is from files local to my Roon Core. Would an Innuos Zenith MkII, Roon Nucleus, or Bluesound Vault 2 be an upgrade on sound quality in my setup?

I went the opposite way, from Auralic to bridge II and Roon. DS Lightning was better than most (I actually used the LUMIN software with the Auralic, it sounded better) but Roon sounds and operates better. 
@rbstehno and you felt that improved the sound (not the user experience)?  I have a dsd w bridge ii and am totally content using bubbleupnp to stream, would probably continue using that even if adding an auralic...
Been there done that and more. I also used minimserver for the Auralic and before that pure music and then audirvana 2+. I would take Roon/bridge 2/Ethernet any day. USB sucks as an interface and most dacs favor usb 
@rbstehno i am discovering similar thing that you have and have been on sort of same path. Do you have any DSD files you stream via Roon to your DSD/BridgeII?
I have multiple Terabytes of music ripped on my Mac server running Roon and quite a few are DSD. For example, the Norah Jones album is in dsf dsd64 format according to Roon. I also stream Tidal MQA songs which I really like that format.