PS Audio Directstream Junior Owner - Still beneficial to buy a separate server/streamer?

Hi All,

As I think about the next upgrade in my system path, I was looking into getting a server/streamer but was unsure if that would be a worthwhile benefit. I have the DSJ that I use as a Roon endpoint (my PC, located in another room, is my Roon Core).

I stream approximately 60% of my content while the other 40% is from files local to my Roon Core. Would an Innuos Zenith MkII, Roon Nucleus, or Bluesound Vault 2 be an upgrade on sound quality in my setup?


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I went from a Bridge II in the DS senior to an Auralic Aries G2.  No comparison, the Aries sounds much better.  Others that have the DS jr, and Aries G1 report much better sound vs. the internal bridge as well.
I dropped Roon (really like it as an interface) but the Auralic Lightning DS is really solid and sounds better than Roon on my system.