PS Audio Directstream Junior

Hi Guys
Just go the Junior and looking online could not find how I can control through an Ipad. Lots of mentions of elyric app which is not available anymore and various others. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Currently I am using Logitech Media Server and I am willing to buy the Jriver also if that helps. I will be wanting to stream DSD etc. 
My second question is if I wanna run my Junior direct to the amps, I have a couple of turntables connected to my pres, can I just connect the Junior to the HT Bypass. I have a Krell KRC3 pre. 
i'm using the bridge II for my audio streaming from my mac mini running OS X server. On the OS X server, i'm running minimserver, minimwatch, minimstreamer, bubbleupnp, and my ripped audio files are on a raided pair of 5TB disks. I use the Lumin ipad app. 
To get to this point, a lot of configuration had to be done:
bubbleupnp had to be setup that pointed to both the bridge II and the Minimserver.
initially my playback of dsd files didn't work, so i had to install ffmpeg on the OS X server and in Minimserver, told it to use ffmpeg to route all dsd files from the minimserver to the bridge II.

Everything works great now. I can stream all my ripped music as well as playing Tidal thru the bridge II. I had the Auralic Aries and used the OS X/Minimserver combination with that which worked flawless too. My directstream jr is only a couple of days old but I am enjoying it even before breaking it in

Roon is a good option for this as well.