PS Audio Directstream DAC Jr is discontinued - would you buy it now?

I called PS Audio yesterday.  They said they are not replacing the Junior but are building a “cost no object” new DAC that will cost $20-25k!   

They said Junior will continue to get firmware updates.

So would you buy the Junior - new or used - or buy something else?  How does it’s FPGA DAC compare to Chord Qutest and Hugo 2 or TT?

I would not buy now a discontinued DAC unless I was sure I'd never sell it. Resale value takes a huge hit when models are discontinued.
If he's buying it used the other person has already taken the hit plus Paul has said they will continue to support it with service and software updates.
@jackd - Yes, if bought used, it might well be a good purchase. I'd still rather have a current model -- but that's a personal preference.
Have you heard a Directstream unit in an extended listening session?  I'd make sure you do, as most people love them, but for others they just don't sound right.  Not sure what's going on, but I'm in the latter camp, and I've owned a PerfectWave DAC for 8 years.  I upgraded to the DSD (Sr) twice and had to resell both times.