PS Audio Direct Stream

Has anyone received this unit yet?
And if so please share your review.

Ted Smith posted these specs for the DS output on the PS Audio forum:

Balanced: 2.8V RMS or 8V p-p 300 Ohms
Unbalanced: 1.4V RMS or 4V p-p 150 Ohms
Kana813, That seems to be on the low side and is different than the specs posted on the PS Audio website.
I wonder which is correct?

Ted Smith said:
"The DS is about 3dB lower in output than many CD players or DACs.Most of us have much more than that amount of headroom so it's not usually a problem. The thing is that the PWD is hotter than many DACs so some people have systems with no preamp that work with the PWD but perhaps not without a preamp with the DS. (BTW other people have systems for which the PWD has too high of output level and are happy that the DS has a lower output level.)"
Great review here
One thing I have discovered is that the Direct Stream is very sensitive to power cords.
Between my HiDiamond P4 and the "Neo" power cord, the Neo is the best on it. It provides a deeper image with more emotion.