PS Audio Direct Stream with Bridge II or Aurender N100H

Wondering if anyone has compared the 2 streamers?
I am using the Bridge II (Which sounded a tiny bit better than the Auralic Aries) with my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. 

The path to the DAC goes as follows:
Computer located in a spare bedroom. Apple imac with outboard Thunderbolt drive containing the music files, Ethernet cable from the mac to the DSL Router/Modem, Ethernet cable from the DSL Router/Modem, to the Bridge II. Using either Roon or JRiver to control the music with an iPad.

My issue/concern is needing to rout the music signal through the DSL modem/router. The modem/router is a component that I would rather not have in the signal path. There are also issues with the poor quality & speed of our internet service. I frequently need to reboot the modem/router which interrupts the music. (Unfortunately this is our only internet option)

The idea of having a dedicated music computer/streamer with local storage like the Aurender N100H which has a built in hard drive is very appealing to me. Problem is the expense...about $2600 for the Aurender.

Would the Aurender sound considerably better than the Bridge II, or does the Bridge II do a good enough job of correcting any upstream network issues that might effect the sound?
I own the PS Audio Directstream DAC w/ Bridge II and did own the Aurender N100H. I prefeed the Directstream DAC Bridge II combo. I thought the Directstream/Bridge II combo sounded better. Also, the Aurender N100H doesn’t have a DAC.
Thanks, that's what I needed to know.
I realize the N100H does not have a DAC and that's fine as the Direct Stream is a keeper! No plans to change it.

Can you expand a bit on what those sound differences were?
Yes, I was aware of that. Maybe they will have it in the future, but at this point, it’s another strike against getting one.
Hi traudio,
Have you had any more problems with the bridge 2? I have reasonably good internet but my bridge disconnects very frequently. I sent it back to PS Audio and they sent me a new one but problem has not resolved. I don’t have any problem listening on my phone or tablet. I had no problems with Oppo Sonica DAC. I had internet company do diagnostics and they report proper speed and stable connection. Someone from PS Audio is to call me back after he checks with his colleagues. If your problem resolved, how did you fix it? Thanks 
The Bridge works fine and always has. Don't know where you saw me having a problem.
Connect a switch to your router, plug both things into switch, then when you reboot the router it won't impact your local home network.

The complete Aurender line is worthy IMO. While I do not have the N100H, I thought to mention the following...

I run both Direct Stream with the Bridge II with latest firmware fed by a Mac Mini remotely staged running ROON and also MConnect for full fold MQA and also an Aurender N10.

My experience revealed the Aurender with only the first unfold against MControl full unfold is a push in sound quality. I ran various A/B by using the remote flipping back and forth between XLR and Bridge since both were fed into DirectStream. 

With that that being said, Aurender has proven itself although more expensive then a Mac Mini, so if you can budget it then check it out.  

guys the best option is to get Synology Nas and stream directly from it using UPNP app on your phone