PS Audio Direct Stream with Bridge II or Aurender N100H

Wondering if anyone has compared the 2 streamers?
I am using the Bridge II (Which sounded a tiny bit better than the Auralic Aries) with my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. 

The path to the DAC goes as follows:
Computer located in a spare bedroom. Apple imac with outboard Thunderbolt drive containing the music files, Ethernet cable from the mac to the DSL Router/Modem, Ethernet cable from the DSL Router/Modem, to the Bridge II. Using either Roon or JRiver to control the music with an iPad.

My issue/concern is needing to rout the music signal through the DSL modem/router. The modem/router is a component that I would rather not have in the signal path. There are also issues with the poor quality & speed of our internet service. I frequently need to reboot the modem/router which interrupts the music. (Unfortunately this is our only internet option)

The idea of having a dedicated music computer/streamer with local storage like the Aurender N100H which has a built in hard drive is very appealing to me. Problem is the expense...about $2600 for the Aurender.

Would the Aurender sound considerably better than the Bridge II, or does the Bridge II do a good enough job of correcting any upstream network issues that might effect the sound?
I own the PS Audio Directstream DAC w/ Bridge II and did own the Aurender N100H. I prefeed the Directstream DAC Bridge II combo. I thought the Directstream/Bridge II combo sounded better. Also, the Aurender N100H doesn’t have a DAC.
Thanks, that's what I needed to know.
I realize the N100H does not have a DAC and that's fine as the Direct Stream is a keeper! No plans to change it.

Can you expand a bit on what those sound differences were?
@traudio  you probably know this but Aurender is not RoonReady / endpoint
Yes, I was aware of that. Maybe they will have it in the future, but at this point, it’s another strike against getting one.