PS Audio Direct Stream Dac & Bridge 2 Sound quality

I have searched through the discussions page and cannot find much info about this combo. Some of the threads look to have been deleted. Which tells me this may be a hot topic and I don’t know why.

I like the sound of the Direct Steam dac especially with the Windom firmware, so, I though it would make sense adding the Bridge 2.

So, can anyone comment on the sound quality using this combo?

Thank you,
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Thank you so much for the reply. 
I would mostly be sending music from a external hard drive (NAS) over my network. And, occasionally using Qoboz.


Well I have a PS Bridge 2 on its way to me.
Is there any other free apps that can work with my PC?
At this point, I only want to compare sound quality with my current set up during the PS Bridge trial period.


That's the thing, I don't own a tablet just a PC. My vision is not that great with small print.


Thanks for your help. 
Unfortunately, I do not own a I pad to use bubbleupnp, just a laptop computer.

What did you move on to?


Thanks for the help. At the moment the plan is when I get the Bridge to try, I'll try it with the Roon on a trial period.
Which BTW, the Roon trial period is now down to just 14 days from the original 30 day trial period. It may take me 14 days to get it set up...LOL!