PS Audio Digital Link III vs MHDT Paradisea

Anyone have any experience in comparing these two DAC's? Just curious....
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Karmatogdral, what's the rest of your system setup...? Know any good sources for the Tungsol 5670's?

Just a tip, I've dealt previously here on A'gon with Webtoco who is over in Holland and a good source for tubes... he might have some interesting things as well.
The rest of my systems are: Plinius 8200mk2 intergrated.
Spendor speakers, SP2/3R.
My sources are: CEC T51XR, & my wife's sony vaio.
I use Siltech cables for CEC, the amp and the speakers.
About tubes, it can be challenging to get right tube, like i bought these WE 396a(1954) from yahoo and i don't like them as much as Tungsol.
btw got my tungsol from "new tube world", for me at first i was sceptical about buying used tube made in the 50', but then i read that tube world place is a reputable seller.
you can never be too careful, some people print famous brand on their tubes for money!
Is the Tungsol thin sounding as some say? Does it have better and deeper bass than the WE396a. Also is the JTL-5670 the exact same tube as the Tungsol 2c51 Black plate d getter. Karmatogdral's discription of these tubes peaks my intrest. Thanks, Tweaker