PS Audio Digital Link III vs MHDT Paradisea

Anyone have any experience in comparing these two DAC's? Just curious....
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Thanks for the great comments and info! I have a Paradisea+ on the way that I'm going to give a spin. I was thinking about the PS Audio, and I'm sure it's a great DAC, I just got intrigued by the MHDT DAC and the NOS school of thought. I also like the idea of the tube buffer stage. We'll see how it flys in my system....
OK, had some opportunity to listen in earnest to the Paradisea... Not quite sure that I understand comments that I see about NOS DAC's "not having enough detail", that doesn't seem to be the case here. I've had a couple of oversampling/upsampling DAC's and I'm not discerning this difference. Maybe the rest of my system doesn't have the resolving prowess to hear that difference, but I kind of doubt it.

What the Paradisea NOS DAC does is to get the fundamentals right. The midrange is now beautifully fleshed out on digital material like never before and I still hear all of the top end and "air" that I've experienced with other OS DAC's, but the overall sound is much sweeter! My gut tells me that the Paradisea is perfect for those of us looking for musical performance over other parameters. Think I'll keep this puppy for a while. As of today, I'd say my next DAC upgrade would probably be to the MHDT Havana, and not another OS DAC... I'm impressed!
congradulations, now u r listening to music, not hi-fi! I'd say MDHT not as detailed in terms of quantity of details(compared to upsampling), as for the quality of detail, i think one needs to spend 3 times the price to beat MHDT.
Do you like the stock tube(GE 5670)? I find the stock tube very smooth, perfect for classical, with jazz and rock, i prefer tung sol tubes(more dynamic), the 50's WE tubes have top notch sound, tons of details, if you'r into that sort of thing.
I have a Raytheon in place right now. The previous owner had very good things to say about it in his rig, so I left it in place to start off. I also have the stock GE which I haven't had a chance to try yet. I'll probably start searching for some different ones to sample, but the Raytheon has the unit sounding great at the moment. Thanks for the tip!

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention previously... the build quality on the MHDT is just unbelievable. Never seen a product at this price point built like it. Bravo to the folks at MHDT!