PS Audio Digital Link III vs. Bel Canto DAC-2

I have an opportunity to buy a used version of either. The PS Audio is a newer but less expensive unit. The Bel Canto is the previous generation, but originally much higher priced. Which would you recommend and why? Thanks for input.
I've heard both and owned the Bel Canto. It is one of the smoothest sounding DACs I have ever heard. The PS Audio is also good but more analytical in its' presentation. If your system is neutral or tends toward brightness I suggest the Bel Canto. If your system is more laid back the PS Audio would be a good choice.
I had both in my system(s) for a long audition period and I would Ditto what Narrod said.
I would suggest that the Cullen modified PS Audio was slighty better than the Bel Canto unit in my system (Maggie 20.1, tube pre and amps). I listened to both and purchased the Cullen (stage 4). I liked what I perceived to be a smoother mid range and treble, yet a little more treble sparkle. Also the soundstage was just a bit deeper.
FWIW, I'll also vouch for the Cullen modded PS Audio DL III (stage 3 mod in my case)... I have never owned the Bel Canto, but a good friend as the DAC2, and IMO, the Cullen modded DL III was preferable; my friend, the owner of the DAC2 agreed. Disclaimer: I've never heard a stock DL III; I decided to get the Cullen modded version right away after listening to one at a get-together.
The PS Audio has a USB port for the future.If your like the rest of us,you maybe selling in a year or two.Just a thought,YMMV,Bob