PS Audio digital link III

Hi what are the sonic virtues of either the Cullin Circuits and or the Ram Mods to the digital link III.
had the stock unit for a month , it was very good , i was very surprised for the cost, then got a cullen mod , bass better , sounstage very good , lots of microdetail , very silky smooth, for the money super
Agree with Pavpet on most observations. The most immediate and obvious difference is a very deep and very articulate bottom end. Instead of raw thuds and thumps, you actually hear E strings vibrate and the wood shell of the kick drum - this alone makes the mod worth the money. Once the unit breaks in, the stage will open up a little more than the stock and the midrange (voices) will be a little clearer because the highs get tightened up.
btw, I have the level 3 mod.