PS audio digital link 3 or similiar Dac

I am in need of a new Dac and this one is on my radar. As there seems to be a plethora of these available, I would appreciate some comments on the sound quality of these units. I am looking to get something that has a slight warmth and not clinical and hyper detailed. Other suggestions would be appreciated. How about Cambridge Dacmagic. These don't seem to come up very often.
I can speak to the PS Audio DLIII. It presents a wonderful soundstage, a warm presentation, a realistic voicing for string instruments, and a great broad frequency response. I love it. Good luck.
Six months ago I tried the DAC route and had the DLIII, Musical Fidelity XDAC3and a Bel Canto DAC2. Here's my take, the DLIII was the best of them, sound and user ease. But id warmth is what you want the Bel Canto may be the one for you. In fact I may have liked the DAC2 better if it had a standard build with both input and output on the same panel. As for the MF Dac, crappy is the word that comes to mind. My two cents. Good luck.
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The stock DL-III is very good indeed. The Cullen Stage IV upgrade improves the stock unit by eliminating (or at least reducing to inaudibility) the slightly shrill harshness in the upper regions (many DACs in this price-range suffer from this), and by improving the bass region (slightly tighter – more “controlled”). The Cullen upgrade to me was definitely discernable, but in a more subtle way than I was hoping for (not a “night and day” difference). For me, the “taming” of the slight harshness in upper frequencies was worth the upgrade price. Some(those with the “well-trained ears” or more acute hearing than me) claim that the stage IV upgrade greatly improves the soundstage by “opening it up.” I don’t hear “great” improvements in the soundstage via the modded unit over the stock unit. I do however, prefer the overall presentation provided by the Cullen upgrade, and I think it would be very difficult to find a better sounding DAC at this price point....IMO - for what it's worth.
I've been using a DacMagic for a short while and I think it's an incredible value. As far as I can tell, it's sound quality is comparable to the PS. If they were closer in price, maybe the PS would win, but with the price advantage of the DacMagic, it's hard not to choose it.

The other advantage DacMagic has over PS is that it also has a digital pass thru so if you're using a DVD player for both music and movies, you can have a 2 channel analog output for your music and an unprocessed digital signal that can be decoded by a processor for 5.1 coming from the same player through the DacMagic. PS doesn't have a digital pass thru.
I got the PS DL III to upgrade the D/A of my Krell KAV 300CD. Wow, what an improvement in the sound, especially at 192K! It competes well with my vinyl playback system (VPI Scout, Graham Slee Mk V & Elevator, Shelter 501). It has a sweetness to it that stands out, and far more bass extension than the Krell. Of course, the KAV 300CD D/A is 12 years old, but it makes a very nice transport.
Had a Benchmark, Lavry was better, Benchmark gone... tried a PS audio DLIII, was a little bit better than the Lavry, upgraded DLIII to Cullen Level 4, then much better than Lavry, Lavry gone... Just got the new Wyred 4 Sound DAC 1.. beats the crap out of the DLIII... DLIII Gone :-) My opinion just buy the Wyred DAC1.. Oh and I have a Cambridge Dac Magic.. all of the others were/are better.. Still have the Dac Magic though I use it for my outdoor speaker setup ;-)
Wyred 4 sound is almost unbeatable as far as price. To get much better sound qaulity you would have to add another zero on to the 1000$ price tag. If you dont like it (I doubt you wont) You can sell it with no problem.
Channel islands Audio VDA2 and VAC1 sound great to me. Beat Benchmark and Dacmagic. Hard to find 2nd hand tho.
I recently replaced the stock DLIII with an Eastern Electric Tube DAC. So much better. I can't compare to the W4S. Return fee is too high. I can say that this is the best digital sound I have ever had in my system, and the critics all agree. Check out the latest reviews.