PS Audio Detect Power Center vs past PS Audio conditioners

I was considering trying a PS Audio Detect Power Center in my main system (details are listed on my system page) after reading some positive reviews.  I have a 2 channel system that is mostly analog, including a turntable plus AV components (LCD tv, Oppo 103 and Comcast X1).

I have tried PS Audio power conditioning products (and others) before and either sold or returned them, including:

 - PS Audio UPC-200 (factory)
 - PS Audio UPC-200 (upgraded components)
 - Furman Elite

All of the above killed PRAT and dynamics (read reviews prior to trying which stated positive results).  Have people had the same experience with the PS Audio Detect?  Are most power conditioners going to exhibit these characteristics?
tough topic!  To condition or not to condition is one of the most contentious topics in all of audio.  There are those who swear that any conditioner will detract dynamics both micro and macro from the sound.  Others testify to cleaner smoother more dimensional sound with their components on cleaner power.

I have all of my components except my power amp receiving regenerated power from a PS Audio Premier Power Plant.  My power amp is receiving conditioned power from a Duet.  I am very satisfied with the dynamic response of my system.  I value the clean, smooth textures with cleaner power than simply hooking directly up to the grid, being at the mercy of what the electric company can deliver.

If possible see if you can arrange to try the Dectet with your system to see if you find it to be of benefit or a detriment to your system's performance.

I've read good things about the Dectet.
 Many power conditioners are stated to be non current-limiting, but due to the high current draw of an amplifier, the PC can affect the dynamics of the amp. That's why many members have low-current components running through a power conditioner and the amp into the wall.
As stated above, see if you can audition the Dectet.
@tls49, yes I have a dedicated 20 amp line for my entire system. I am a big fan of minimal shielding (Mogami 2549 RCAs) or no shielding (Mogami speaker cables and Volex 17504 10 B1 power cables).