PS Audio Delta 250 or Electron Kinetic Eagle 7b

Have a line on a set of PS Audio Delta 250 mono blocks and a Electron Kinetics Eagle 7b amp? I currently have a set of Eagle 400 mono blocks that I will be sending in for some updates and wanted to purchase one of the amps mentioned above. Kinda hard as I'm not able to do a demo before hand. I have herd good things about both amps so I'm on the fence.
If you can get them at a good price, the PS Audio's are pretty good. One of my amps had to go in for repair and my dealer lent me the PS Audios to use until they came back. I think they sound better than they're newer amps.
Missed out on the PS audio mono blocks. So that leaves the the Election Kinetics eagle 7b and a set of Emotive XPA 1 mono blocks not a lot reviews on the XPA 1's not sure if that's due to them being a direct to seller vendor? The folks who have them say for the money one can't go wrong? Most who knock them haven't herd them of knock the the whole brand based on their experience with the lesser Emo amps.
We were just having a discussion on Emotiva's mono amps in another thread. That may be a good way to go. What's your price range? I've seen some good deals, but I don't know if cost will be an issue.
1300.00 I also see that there is a set of Classe ca-101 amps for sell?
Refer to for the 7b. Outstanding amplifers but that model might need a bit of attention. Nevertheless, Russell is the Eagle go to guy.