PS Audio DAC II or Bryston: two great machines

I have decided that it's time to move up from my Rega DAC, and I am considering the above two machines. I know, I know, the solution is to listen to them myself and decide on my taste, but I don't have the option to do that. Both DACs have received rave reviews, though the retail price of the PS Audio is (was) almost twice that of the new Bryston BDA-2. The PS Audio II is now being replaced by the DirectStream, so there are many good deals on the discontinued II.

Anyone have any thoughts on how these compare? Both are described as being supremely musical. Can one argue that the PS Audio is twice as musical, given that it is (was) twice as expensive? :)

My amp is a Cary integrated. I have heard Bryston gear only once or twice in the past. To the extent that Bryston may have a house sound, my gut tells me that the Bryston DAC would not be a good match with Cary. In another thread, a person described the PS Audio as somewhat akin to the Cary 300B. On the one hand that is encouraging, on the other hand it may mean too much Cary.

Any thoughts? I'm also considering the new McIntosh D100. That looks sweet.
I haven't heard the PS Audio but have auditioned the Bryston ... it seemed very neutral to me (not bad either). Super detailed and zero noise. Incredible imaging as well. I felt it a little analytical and went with the Musical Fidelity for that system as it had a much warmer sound to me.