PS Audio Control Amp vs. Jeff Rowland Concerto

Has anyone compaired these two? I live no where near a dealer. What about Classes' intergrated?
Seejungle, is the PS Audio referred to an integrated? If so, I haven't heard that one, although I recently heard a big new model PS Audio power amp doing very nice work with Focus Audio 788s.

I've heard the Concerto and Classe on different days, at different dealers and rooms, with different speakers and sources. I was favorably impressed by both, without being in a position to do real comparison. If it means anything, the one I keep thinking I'd like to hear more of is the Classe integrated. It was driving Wilson Watt Puppies at the time.
PS Audio is nowhere close to being in the same league the the Jeff Rowland. I'm not talking about a step or two above, I'm talking on the next floor.
Krell_man That is what I would assume by reputation. But not being in a location to audition, I would not want to assume. The PS Audio seems to have an interesting design. Plus, the PS Audio is in my price range. But, I am not in a hurry. That is why Audiogon is here to help ME with my price range. I would love the bragging rights for owning a Rowland, wouldn't mean anything to anyone I know. But, sound is still the most important.