ps audio classic repairs

Hi there!

anyone know where to get a ps audio 200c amp repaired and a ps audio 5.5 pre amp repaired??

thanks much!
Steve T>
Good luck. I had a Lambda Cd drive that I paid over 2k for. The drawer stopped working and I couldn't get them to do repairs on a discontinued model. Almost makes me want to go out and buy more of their gear. Yeah right.
Have you tried contacting PS Audio? They say they still support their older equipment but I haven't tried myself. I do have an Elite integrated that needs repair but I haven't felt the need to do it yet.
you may want to contact these guys: MusicTechnology.
The do Mods on various equip but I think service anything. I had them repair my Lexicon DC-1. Lexicon wanted $450 to touch it. Bill did it for $110 (power supply replacement)including the part he bought from Lexicon. He's a former Conrad Johnson tech I think.
Thanks for all the replies !! I am fairly new to this site, and greatly appreciate all the help!!

PS Audio is only servicing certain models, I own one they don't...go figure...oh well.

I will definitely try Bill at music tech!! thanks for the lead
Call Rick Cullen at

Cullen Circuits
2323 Tuley Rd
Paso Robles, CA , 93446-6344
Phone: 805-237-2113

Or go to his web site. I have just recently spoken to him about working on my 200c