PS Audio cables, Anyone heard them?

I've heard good things about their power cables. How about the rca and speaker cables. Thanks.

Can say YES to their power cables. Don't know about their other cables. I use Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cable in my $50k rig. The best I've heard regardless of price. Check 'em out at
I have been using the Statement RCA interconnects for a couple of months now. I really like them, especially at the price. In my system, they have a very neutral character. They have good bass, and the treble is detailed and extended without being harsh or strident. Overall I prefer them to the Kimber Select 1030 I previously used. It took about 30 to 40 hours for them to open up. I haven't tried the new speaker cables, but I probably will soon.
I have also tried and use there PC, IC and digital cable and all are great! I have two sets of Statement speaker wire on order also. In my system the PS products have been huge along with the power plant p-600 and the Ultimate Outlets too. I use all Lab II pc and Statement pc with six U/O and p-600 to 30 amp dedicated lines with a dedicated sub panel just for my audio, and things are GOOD! Happy Listening!
I have to agreee with Thsalmon on the RCA interconnects. I absolutely love them. I compared them with DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix and Straightwire Encore II. The PS Audio xStream Statements blew them away - they have a sense of air and deatil that the other's lacked. Much better imaging. The difference was night and day.
There's no doubt that the PS Audio cables are well-made. When I used the xStream Statement IC's with an original Rega Planet, the results were excellent. However, when I changed to a Jolida JD100, I sensed a loss of coherence. I switched to Rs Solid Silver's, which were much better in my system. I also used a Plus power cord on my Unico, but when I got an Rs Kevlar Starchord to use on the Jolida, I decided to also try it on the Unico. The result....I liked it better than the Plus, and I now use two Kevlar Starchords. This experience taught me the system dependency of cables. PS Audio makes excellent cables, but they may not be for everyone's system or everyone's ears. Like all cables, you just have to try them to find out.
When I purchased a pair of rca IC's, I did a head-to-head comparo with Harmonic Tech Pro Silways. I prefered the PS Audios. I am sure there are better, but they mated well with my system.