PS Audio Bridge - simple question

Can you just plug a USB jump drive with FLAC and WAV files into the USB hole on the bridge and play them? I understand about the network hookup to control the playback, but what is the USB input for if not to take Jump drives or HDD.
From the details on the PS Audio site, it states that you can either connect the Bridge to your network or to a NAS drive via an ethernet connection. It does not state that it supports direct connection of non-networked USB drives.
I would ask this question on the PS Audio forum.

FYI, there is talk of a Bridge II in the works.
Some posts elsewhere indicate that the USB connector was originally intended for connection of a wifi dongle, which would provide wireless network connectivity, but that PS Audio eventually abandoned that plan for some reason.

After reviewing the info on the Bridge at the PS Audio site, and doing some Googling, I see no reason to expect that connector to be usable for playing files from a USB hard drive or flash drive.

-- Al
Thank you everyone. They were great answers.