PS Audio Bridge II DAC inputs

I am brand new to the DAC scene and would like to get some input on connecting to a desktop (via Ethernet) or laptop (via USB connection). I have a PS Audio Perfectwave Directstream Bridge II DAC that is connected into a line input of my integrated amp (Tandberg 3012A).

I haven't had any luck with either connection. I have one Ethernet port on my desktop. Therefore, I cannot run a line out of from the desktop into the DAC since the incoming broadband Ethernet line has to be plugged in there, right? I have the incoming Ethernet plugged into a Ethernet switch (it is shared with a laptop). Do I need a desktop with two Ethernet ports?

The laptop only accepts the The A-Male USB. The B-Male USB input on the DAC is dedicated to output. So I cannot use that configuration, right? I need a A-Male to A-Male plug?
Any advice on how I can connect Ethernet to an input would be welcomed.
In order to use the PS Audio Bridge you need to connect it to the network router via LAN cable (CAT 5/6/7/8), not direct to the computer.  The computer with the music files (or streaming music from the internet) must also be connected to the same router.  There are ways to direct connect the Bridge to a computer, but I can’t properly explain that and I think it is not for you at this time.