My unit has the word "FAULT" flashing in the window.  This is not covered in the owners manual!!!!!  There is no sound!!!  I have tried everything I can think of, to no avail!!!  

   WHAT TO DO???  
Send the dealer an email tonight and follow up with a phone call on Monday.
Have you tried turning it off, unplugging it, letting it rest for a while and then plugging it back in? It may reset it. 
stereo5 &  roxy54,

      Thanks guys!!!  I left a message on PS Audio's voice mail.  'Hope
they get back to me with an answer.   Yes, I did turn it off with the switch on the back and unplug the AC cord.  Still no sound and a flashing "FAULT" in the window!  Why isn't this mentioned in the owners manual???  
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Did you check the PSaudio web forums 
I did check the PSA web forums.  Paul Mc. emailed with some thoughts that did not solve the problem.  Sooo then I got a phone call from PSA and I will send it to them, on their dime, for either fix or swap.  GREAT coustomer service there!!!  

     Thanks to all who sent emails, 

     Ant Slappy
So, it's been six months.  What happened to the preamp??!!