PS Audio BHK Pre Amp and Herron VTPH-2A Phono Pre Users

I just purchased a PS Audio BHK pre amp.  I am moving to the BHK because I need to start using XLR cables for long runs to my power amp.  

When using the BHK with the Herron VTPH-2A phono pre, the sound is flat - for want of a better word.  When I use my Herron VTSP-3A(r02) pre amp with the VTPH-2A, the sound is wonderful.  I'm new to tubes.  I think I have an impedance issue.  Anyone else using a Herron phono pre with a BHK pre amp having or had a similar experience.

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VTPH-2A phono + BHK = flat
VTPH-2A phono + VTSP-3A = wonderful
BHK = flat
@three_easy_payments  You are.  With a more direct title and question, I was hoping to get a definitive answer.

I'm OK buying a different phono pre as a last resort, but I'd like to find out if I'm doing something wrong or if there's any way to get the Herron to work with the BHK.

I've considered the Parasound JC3+, PS Audio Stellar, and Sutherland Little Loco.  I'm leaning towards the PS Audio Stellar as I know it will work.
How do you know your Herron won’t properly drive a long length of SE cable ?
Honestly, I don't for sure.  My runs will be about 15' each.  Everything that I've read suggests XLR cables are best for runs like that.
My cathode follower McIntosh Mx-110 drive 25’ rca w easy in a moderate RFI environment- suggest you try that. While I don’t have Herron preamp, I have his phono - excellent gear. A low capacitance Blue Jean cable built on Belden wire should allow you to test a 15’ run for about $75
if I was in Seattle I would loan you mine
@tomic601  Thanks for the suggestion.  Under other circumstances, I'd give it due consideration.  I'm in the midst of home remodeling, which includes removing a wall to expand the depth of my listening room and moving my stereo equipment from between my speakers to a rear side wall.  Thus the need for longer interconnects.

I love the Herron pre amp, phono stage combination when it comes to vinyl.  The BHK, DirectStream Sr. DAC combination using XLR sounds much better than the Herron, DirectStream combination using RCA.  That's another reason why I'm planning the move to XLR connectors. 

I'd love to get the Herron phono pre working with the BHK if possible.  If not, I've got some decisions to make regarding the Herron gear.  
I understand, give Keith a call. He may have something up his sleeve including some loading changes
I’ll do that.  Thanks for you help.
I had a long talk with Keith. He suggested I run the 3A into a BHK RCA input (I thought of that, but I didn’t want to deal with two remotes).  He also suggested, if I was OK with the sound, to then run the 3A into the BHK HT input, so I wouldn’t have to deal with two remotes. That never occurred to me because I don’t use HT bypass.  

I tried the RCA input with the Herron volume set to 80, and while the sound was a bit better, it’s nowhere near the Herron/Herron sound. I’m going to try different loading options to see what happens and report back.
After futzing with loading plugs, the 1K plug gives me a sound that I’m quite happy with.  I had planned to sell the 3A, but for now I’ll keep it.  I’ll try the HT input after the East coast storms go away.
I have 6m RCA’s running to my amps in the front, gear on the side.  No noise issue.  This is on multiple amp and preamp combos.
i have some very nice SE IC’s, but before I got these I had installed some way, way cheaper options and none exhibited noise issues.

i would stick with the Herron combo, and at least investigate getting some loaner long IC’s to make sure.
I’m convinced that long RCA interconnects could work. 
The SQ I get with XLR with the BHK/DSD is much better than RCA, so I intended to stick with it.
I have to downsize though.  I have a vintage McIntosh system that I haven’t used in over a year in my rev room. Once our remodeling projects are finished, the McIntosh gear goes up for sale. I will keep the Herron pieces for now anyway.