PS Audio BHK 250 - Is it still a good amp?

I want to move away from tube power amps, but not tubes in source components.
Have read so much good about the BHK 250, but it’s an old lady now, and I wounder if there is something better out there for the same money.

This is what I want form a new amp.
  • Power to drive any speaker
  • Sound that reassembly tubes
  • In the same price range as the BHK

My current speakers are the Tekton DI, 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 96db. Would like to have a amp that can drive a 87 db speaker.
I also don’t want think about replacing expensive tubes, and live with the heat the generate.
There are many used BHK 250 in the states, But I live in Denmark and there are not many used BHK's in Europe

I would like to thank the audiogon community for there knowledge and there willingness to share and help, your are the best (:Just hope that we will get an updated platform to work on. The Audiogon software is so yesterday.
Wish you all a Happy New Year
I have my doubts about the BHK 250 having; “the power to drive any speaker”. The specs indicate power down to 4 Ohms, and being stable for musical transients into 2 Ohms. “Being stable” only suggests that it won’t go into oscillation, not how much power, at what distortion levels or quality of sound it will provide at less than 4 Ohms. “Musical transients” suggests that it will only be “stable” for brief moments. Speakers with steady low impedances might be problematic for this amp.
I can tell you that the BHK Signature 250 will drive both the Magneplanar 1.7i’s and 3.7i’s to some pretty loud levels with no problems. Both are described by Magnepan as 4 Ohm speakers. I have used the 250 in systems with both. I’m not sure what speaker would provide a problematic load for the 250, but I can say its isn’t either of those. Right now I’m listening to Duke Ellington/Johnny Hodges "Back to Back" using the 250 driving the 1.7i’s and it sounds great to me.
I highly suggest buying used OR check and see if any old dealers have a demo, old stock, or trade-in. The unfortunate thing about the current BHK, one could get at a huge discount before PSA went direct. Thus, any resale value would be dismal if you purchased a new one thru PSA without any substantial discount (I would not do a trade in unless it was a component that would be quite difficult to re-sell via used market). I have a BHK pre that is fantastic. I will eventually resale it for a McIntosh c2700 if funds permit. Since I got a huge discount, my resale hit will not be so bad.
Regarding the “drive any speaker” question, check PSA’s own forum to see BHk250 not able to drive Maggie LRS $650 speakers. Shut down when driven hard. Same owner I think said 250 could handle the 1.7’s but not the LRS
I remember that thread well and puzzled about it. I’ve never had any problem in driving either the 1.7i or 3.7i with the BHK Signature 250 and wondered to myself if 1. the LRS can be that difficult a load or 2. if there was a problem with the speaker itself. In any event, the starter of that thread rendered the discussion moot when he bought a pair of 1.7i’s. I can only go by my experience with the 250 and my 1.7i and 3.7i’s.