Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers

Having bought several upper end products from p.s audio in the past such as their flagship dac   Parts quality inside were Average at best.   I am looking at New Loudspeakers and having over 40 years in audio and owning a Audio Store  to me a 🚩 flag is when you won’t should the Critical Xover inside which is the ♥️ orthe 🧠 of the speaker ,  at $28,500   The speaker should be shown inside and out , and if a company uses the term proprietary drivers or Xover parts ,that means nothing special I except the lofty $$ price tag.  Having modded Loudspeakers for myself and others for over 20 years ,know first hand most mags  take many cost cutting short cuts . It’s up to the mfg to Prove to the buyer they are worthy,Especially a totally new item , they specialize in electronics ,Not Loudspeakers .  Unless you can see everything about the drivers, and Xover and parts quality ,then most likely parts are made in China or close to it ,in reality less then $8k into the total build ,  look at a Wilson Sabrina ,Magico, B&W , they all disclose their build designs . Just ge careful, if you can’t see all your answers, they buy with ⚠️ Caution ⚠️ 


Per invalid’s post, here’s a link: FR30 crossover – PS Audio

As dweller said, PS Audio is not going to AXPONA this year. They lost all of their exhibitor fees from the 2020 show (as did all exhibitors, though I think they got 50% back if they set up for this years show) and Paul McGowan is still concerned with COVID and exposing his employees to all the attendees. No need to debate that, it’s just how it is.

I have heard the FR30 (at PS Audio) and they sound excellent. They were at the Montreal show recently and got good reviews. Do they sound better than any of the likely competitors? I couldn’t tell you from personal experience since I haven’t heard any of the competitors since the last AXPONA. Regardless, they should be very competitive in their price bracket. Speakers are very listener/room dependent so they would be worth a listen. There are at least two pairs in the magazine review process so there should be more detailed analysis coming in the next few months

Invalid thanks for the heads up , as show on his webpage  the green resistors are $3 mox  vs  top quality path audio ,or Mundorf  ultra resistors, the capacitors  Are made off shore , this is almost a $30 k speaker I would expect far more ,

look at theExcellent Magico $25k speaker ,their Xover is all verygood  $ $30 Mundorf   Ultra resistors, and above average Mundorf Evo caps , that’s my point you should get much more for your hard earned $$, in America we are all allowed to have their own opinion , also resale value vs Magico, or Wilson or many top well known brands would be much less . I am very surprised they will not be at the show .i am sure a lot of people would like to hear them ,they do look good on a positive note.