PS Audio 600 power cord upgrade??

I have several pc's plugged into my PS 600 - (FIM, Synyrgistic) Does anybody have any experience/ opinions with PC's to use from the power plant to the wall outlet??
I've never used a PS Audio powerplant, but I highly recommend Virtual Image PC's. I put them up against some Ensemble Megaflux PC's that I used to own, the Ensemble went up for sale the next day.
I have experience with the PS Audio 300 and found the Audience POwer Chord to give the best sound quality.
Use a PS Audio Lab II. I do. Sounds like a commercial, eh?
I have a P300 and a P600 and I have two dedicated lines from the fuse box terminated to a Mirainco IEC pluged directly into them. You would not believe the results in eliminating one power cord (even the best one) and a connection.
You have a dedicated line terminating by an IEC instead of a duplex in a box? Heaven help you if there's a fire and an insurance appraiser walking around!
I have the PS600 and have a Transparent Reference PC ... did the job.
I used a Electraglide Fatboy 2000 Silver.....that beat out my SR Designer's Reference Squared PC. But the best upgrade, if you can swing it financially, is to go to the P1000. I did just that and cannot believe the difference! It really is a BIG upgrade sonically IMO.