PS Audio 6.2 preamp any good?

I have seen the newer and older PS Audio preamps, but know nothing about this one. Likewise, I hunted for reviews, and couldn't find anything either. It seems like it is selling used for around $200-250 these days, and I was wondering if it is a good preamp for the price? I have budgeted only $300 for a preamp, I am upgrading from an old reciever that sounded like crap with my new (to me) Von Schweikert VR-2's (speakers are very nice, though). I don't need a phono input, and the amp will probably be a used Rotel-991 (sounds like a good amp for the money). Thanks in advance!
Older PS gear is still valid/worthy and can give excellent sound. The model 2 amp is somewhat sought after in the GAS vein, and PS sold umpteen quantities of the IV-H preamp. I still have one which acquits itself quite well in a system assembled for my brother. The MC phono section beats the current NAD phono preamp, imo.
Be aware some units had problematic touch switches; I'm not sure if the 6.2 incorporated. Also, the passive option is useful if you have short cable runs and a healthy source output. The Rotel should match well. What's your source? Good luck.
Hi Chiho,
I just bought a used one from ebay us for about 250 bucks.
I'm just waiting for my voltage-transformer to come,and then I will have my first soundcheck.
I will let you know.