PS Audio 500 questions

I received a PS Audio 500 today that I purchased on Audiogon. I plugged a tube preamp and a tube phono preamp into the TWave setup sockets and plugged my CD and Turntable into the ultimate outlet sockets on the back. The output voltage was first set to 117V and the to 115V. The power usage display runs about 50% as it should, but after a few minutes the display binks HOT and the regneration outlets shut down. Did I purchase a bad unit or is there something I don't understand?
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This seems to be a common problem with some of the earlier P500s. I had a demo unit once from a dealer and it had the same problem. More than likely the fan is not working or the card that controls the fan is faulty. Contact PS Audio. They should be able to help and they are very customer focus.
Good luck........
Wouldn't calling PS Audio be the way to go? They, I would think, would know in a flash what the scoop is.
I pulled the cover and applied power. Sure enough the fan was not operating. I then plugged the unit back into the system at the 50% consumption to check if there was a load trigger and still no fan. I'll call them this morning because I can't see anything obvious like a disconnected plug.
I have a PS Audio P600 Power Plant and wanted to try the 500 because it was smaller and fit better in my system. I found the fan loud and the unit ran hot and would frequently shut down. This was the first production run so there could of been a problem with the unit. I returned it to my dealer and kept the P600.
If you look on AA in the PS Power Forum, there's a discussion about the company now putting a heatsink in the P500 to address this issue. I'm sure they'll retrofit it for you.