PS Audio 300 vs Tice powerblock II

I have been using the tice powerblock II in my system for some time now. In the last year there has been so much talk about the PS Audio stuff that I'm wondering if I should replace the Tice. I currently run my Aragon 8008ST amp throught the Tice which I know I could not do with the PS Audio powerplants. It would be for the front-end only. My amp would be on a dedicated curcuit with nothing else on it. The front end would be on another curcuit.
Does anybody have any advice, or have you tried both?
Thanks for your insight.

A no-brainer! Make the switch and don't look back!
I agree with Timo. I've had both the Tice and the PS Audio in my system. The PS Audio wins hands down.
The PS Audio P-300 is a fantastic device for front-end components. However, connecting both digital and analog equipment into the P-300 (when powered up simultaneously) appears to result in an edge/slight brightness in sound. I can only imagine that digital noise (emanating from the digital source) wreaks havoc with the power supply of the P-300 (or other). The two pair of outlets on the back of the P-300, to the best of my knowledge, are not isolated from one another. If digital and analog equipment are to be used together, consider a PC (or PS Audio's Ultimate Outlet?, or similar)that minimixes/reduces/eliminates digital noise from re-entering the power supply (P-300).
This is similarly true if digital components are connected directly to a wall-socket. Digital AC power noise must be minimized or eliminated for best performance/sound.

peter jasz
I had a Tice Powerblock 3 and bought the PS Audio 300. One of the best decisions I ever made. However, I'm still using the Tice for my five (don't ask) power amps and find that they sound better thru the Tice than into the wall (dedicated 20 amp circuits). Despite what others have said, I don't find that the Tice limits current. But the PS Audio unit is a real winner with front-end gear, far better than the Tice.
FWIW, The Tice PowerBlock IIIC is a completely different rig than the IIIB, II etc. If anyone cares, the hoo-ha is all on Tice's website. And if you want to inquire further, you can always call George, and talk for as long as you both have time for! I got into the PC game with a Tice IIIC HP (high power) and the difference it made for all components (amps, frontend) has been absolutely and un-exagerratedly astounding, to the point where the PC made more overall improvement to the sound than any component other than speakers that I've ever bought. All brands have their cheering section, and this is no exception, but I would encourage inquirers not to pan Tice's products without considering to their latest (non transformer-coupled) PowerBlock IIIC. It gave my entire system the air and reach-around depth of silver cables without any freq. shift or any of the nonsense my anaolgy might confuse you with! It was the single most important and beneficial audio purchase I have ever made aside from front speakers.

Regardless of your choice - power conditioners are a must.
I own both. I'd sell the Tice first.
Everone who has said to stick with the PS Audio 300 over the Tice 11 has not compared the PS Audio to Tice 111c. I agree 100% with mwilson. The Tice 111c is better then the PS Audio in every aspect of musicality, period. I know because I owned the PS Audio and sold it when I got the Tice. George Tice was making power conditioners long before PS Audio even thought about producing power conditioners and the proof is in the pudding.
I Have used the Tice 11 and Ps Audio 300 I personally didn't care much for either. The 300 power plant doesn't have the power to run my mitusubishi 65" diamond HDTV with anything else attached to it let alone my classe CAM 350s. With my threshold T400s it would shut down. Now if you move up to the P600 powerplant you've got a hell of a machine. I absolutly love the 600s I use two of them My HDTV picture is fantastic. Sound stage and imaging especially the highs and low midrange out of my thiel 7.2s powered by a pair of classe Cam 350s with a krell KRC 3 and a sony SCD 777ES, or my classe CD/DVD 1 are much better. The down side to the P600 though is the cost $2400 a whack and the extreme amount of heat they produce. If you can afford it definitly go for the PS Audio P600 In My opinion it is the most bang for the buck I've put on my system. Also consider an upgraded power cord like Kimber Kable or PS audio Lab Cable I don't think there is much difference though between them. good luck! PS go PS audio all the way
David raises an important point: The PS Audio 300 , good as it is, must not be overloaded and he obviously did. You can use it for the general run of frontend componentry, such as CD player or preamp, certainly not for amps. PS Audio is quite clear about that in their literature. Cheers,
It is my intention to use the PS Audio 300 only for my front-end. I'm not sure if I will keep the Tice for the amp or sell it. The PS will be for my SCD-777es, the Sota Star, and my Krell KRC2, it should be fine with just those pieces plugged into it.
Nrchy, just a thought, don't know what the Sota Star is, but if it is a turntable, you need to consult the literature very carefully. One of the advantages of the PS Audio is, that you can play around with the cycles in which your electricity hits the condensors of your gear. A big advantage, easily detectable sonically. If the Sota is indeed a TT, then its motor might be set at fixed amount of cycles per second and it that case you cannot use multiwave,or better not plug it into the PS Audio.
You are right. The Sota turntable has an outboard power supply/vaccuum and already regulates the power so the PS Audio would be redundant in that application. Good call!
This is all well and nice but which would you recommend for my wife? You see, I was replacing some outlets to the Acme cryoed with my PS 300 temporarily plugged into another outlet. My wife, was trying to help by vacuuming up my wire scraps and seeing all the outlets were full, plugged the vacuum into the PS 300. It was my last damn fuse. Should I get her the Tice?
Does tice make vaccuums?
I meant a tice for her to plug the vacuum into,lol