PS Audio 250 Delta monos/improvement

In the process of downsizing my system (smaller space, shared space rather than separate room for the audio), I'm looking at everything except the preamp, as it's quite small already, and doesn't even require power cords.

At any rate, I have PS Audio 250 Delta monos, and am wondering if there is something for a sane price (sub-$4k) and smaller (stereo, even?) that will yield better sonics.

When I got these amps new, I dropped out of the market. I was done. I would still be done were I not wanting to make things smaller. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

p.s. (No pun intended) Yes, I thought and still think that the 250 Deltas are brilliant, brilliant amplifiers.
I used to own a pair of those and loved them. I'm still kicking myself for selling them. They had slightly noisy transformers, but other than that a warm, powerful sound.
The only small amps today that will compete with your big mono blocks will be some of the Class D amps. I can certainly name some, but am not personally experienced. If you don't get many responses, I'd start a new thread on class d amps that will compete with what you had, others will chime in. I sold and love your 250's also.
So it sounds like I should try to find a cabinet that can contain them, and sit tight. The biggest issue(s) are size and appearance. I feel so grown-up, voluntarily making system changes that take shared space into account.

I've found a few stands sufficiently deep to hide them behind cabinet doors, which is another option. In my ideal world, the only thing visitors would see is the turntable (Thorens TD2010, chosen for its combo of good sound and beauty).

Thanks much for the feedback, and you're right, Dfwmemdiagroup .... they can get rather buzzy, but man, the sound. They will be overkill for the NOLA Boxers they're going to be driving, but that sound. Or non-sound, to me.
04-17-13: ctme
I would like to purchase a copy of your PS Delta 250 Mono-Block 'OWNERS MANUAL' if you have it.
I have an original I could copy.
I also have a pair of Delta 250's and would love to have the owner's manual. I would really like to have any service/repair info: Service Manual.