PS Audio 200c

Does anyone have the # and specs of the solid state relay on the 2oo cx upgrade?
Rick Cullen would probably know.
I changed my relays to two good quality 30 amp units and
elimimated the blue flame load bang start-up I recently auditioned a Bryston 4 B and was shocked to find my 200c
is better in almost every repect I think I'll replace whatever caps need it and hold on to this beauty replacement would be 5000.00 and up at todays money I think
I know this is an old thread but I'll take a chance on it. Dumfries, when you changed your relays did it eliminate the humm that plagues theses things?  I have a 200c and 200cx and they both humm.  I love their sound but am looking to get rid of the humm if I can.