PS 10 speakers

Many years ago when I was in college (early 80's - first time) I owned a pair of speakers called PS-10's. They were a 3 way system with a down-firing woofer. The thing that made these speakers unique at the time was that they were only about 12" square. They also made a PS-8 (with 8" woofer), and a PS-6 (2 way bookshelf). Does anybody remember these speakers? More important, does anybody know who made them and are they still in business?
Akron, Ohio
Audio Technica
These speakers were made by Design Acoustics, which was a division of A.T.U.S. ( Audio Technica United States ). The assets of this company were liquidated and there is no technical support available for any of the products made ( as far as i know ).

This company also made a larger, more advanced model. They were a small floorstander that were called a PS-103. In terms of construction, they used a small pyramid shaped two way satellite perched on top of a box that housed a down-loaded subwoofer that was sealed. The cabinet had wood trim and a wrap-around grill. If you took the grill off, which was not easy, it would kind of resemble a Vandersteen with the drivers inside of a sub-cabinet. The quality of the drivers used were poor to mediocre but the end result was actually far better than one would expect. It just goes to show that, with good engineering practices and a thoughtful layout, even mediocre products can be made to perform quite reasonably.

The model that Prpixel is talking about was a "bookshelf" model that used the same 6" mid-woofer and a soft dome mounted in a box with a down-loaded sub. When you looked at the size of the box and drivers being used and heard the bass coming out of it, you kind of had to do a double take. The first time i heard these, it was with the original Proton integrated amp driving them while we listened to the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams". For a system rated at 20 wpc and what looked like a 2 way, the sound was utterly amazing. It sounded quite dynamic with great bass "oomph". The "trick" was that the Proton was far more powerful than expected due to phenomenal amounts of dynamic headroom that it had and the speakers actually had a "hidden" sub-woofer built into them. It was impressive enough that when one of the neighbor kids that was 13 years old and wanted to buy a stereo, he ended up with that same model Proton based on the suggestion of myself and my Father. His personal choice for speakers were some small Mission's, which did sound more open, spacious and transparent than the DA's. They surely did not sound as potent though : ) Sean
Ps 10  is  a descent speaker for the price they definitely need a woofer upgrade,take a look at the original and stay away from power handling specs stated om speaker,if you don t want them or a quick way is turn up the volume on a watt amp !!!!!!!!poof
That was meant to be turn up the volume on a 100 watt amp anyway  I think most will get it