Protecting from cats and dust ???

I'm trying to come up with a simple solution to prevent dust and or my cats from being able to mess with my preamp and DAC, which sits just a foot above the floor on a rack. I have thought of building a small elegant looking page over the top of it, with decorative expanded metal. I can make this look wonderful. I was just wondering if there is some kind of cloth, mesh, or dust shield material I can use on the inside which will not hold in an excessive amount of heat? Maybe one of those fabric style computer covers? Can anyone give me any advice or thoughts on this? Thank you very much
I’m not sure if I understand completely, but a heavy duty audio rack would do the job. It seems like the rack you currently have is not sufficient.

You should not shelter audio equipment with covers and whatnot. Keep them at normal room temperature and avoid areas of the house that are full of moisture or too humid.

Just take extra-nice care of your cats I guess...
Don’t let the cats in your room? Dust is dust. Wipe your gear down with a duster of some sort. A cover is kind of a pain, and won’t really eliminate the problem. 
I live in an area that has sand, adobe and peat. It get hotter than heck here and dust is through the roof in the summer. I have animals including a bunny. VERY fine hair. A positive filtered air flow into the room. Simple wall mount AC and silk covers on my gear.

I use table cloths. SILK!! Silk does not scratch.. it does not hold dust, it does not have static discharge, it breaths. I run some newer Mac valve gear, I leave it covered unless I’m using it, then I just fold back front of the cloth. If I’m showing off I’ll pull the covers and dust in 3 minutes.

40 years I’ve used silk covers. There are some beautiful silks, My wife can sew a cover in 45 minutes. I can cut one in 5... Her’s is fitted mine is just draping.. Second hand stores and Christmas decor.

When it’s draped it literally slides off the gear, no snags!!

IF you need to wash it.. Woolite and a 5 gallon bucket.. Some of the silks here are over 75 years old.. Great speaker covers too.. BTW it is VERY mold and moisture resistant too.

My cats are very well behaved. I'm not afraid of them harming the equipment. My point is they will jump up on top of anything flat and sit though. This can allow dander or dust from their feet and coat to settle onto equipment if it's not covered. I I'm only concerned about this aspect. The silk cases is exactly the type of thing I was talking about. Someone also sent me a link to a company who makes computer covers. They are breathable completely and can cover keyboards
,monitors and the PCS themselves. They will not allow equipment to overheat , yet will keep all of the dust out. So I found what I was looking for. I would think the topping preamp and DAC probably don't put out any heat to be honest. But I was trying to make sure and be safe. Thank you everyone!