Protecting Cords and Cables From Cats

I found a great way to protect my electrical cords and cables on my stereo system and my computer from my cats.

My husband has sleep apnea and uses a BIPAP machine. I take his used hoses, cut a slit down the side, and put the hose over the cord or wire. It works great.

If you use a CPAP/BIBPAP machine or have a friend/relative who does, ask them for their used hoses. Insurance replaces them on a fairly frequent basis and the person will probably be glad to find a good use for the hoses other than throwing them away.
Got luck Dude!!
There are all sorts of cable management products that are already made just like you are suggesting and they have been out for years. Available at your Fry's store or Staples near you. Just sayin.
whoever doesn't have BIPAP should get zappers similar ones used for training dogs not to touch things.
What if I can't afford the zappers? Can I use my broom stick instead?Just a thought.
Cats are the spawn of Satan.
My one cat thought the top of my record albums covers were for his use as a scratching post.
Clear plastic tubing comes in a variety of sizes.
Maybe get rid of the cat, I tend to agree with Tpreaves on this one, I would never have a cat with my audio gear
We have four cats, and have never had a problem with them messing with the audio gear. They were told to stay away and they do. The only thing I have done is to put something on top of the speakers so they wouldn't even think of trying to jump up there. They just leave it all alone.
Cats are intelligent. Cats have staff, dogs have owners.
The gf's cat used to jump atop the Omegas and you all know what a cat can do to a Maggie. The signifigant other thought it was so sweet that the cat liked the Maggie color as much as she did. Well one afternoon when I was making some taller stands for the Omegas I left the table saw running and
"Cats have staff. Dogs have owners."

Love it. Quite simply the best I've heard when it comes to the difference between the two.

All the best,
You have never met my dog then !!!!