Protecting AMP and Cleaning AC Power

I have been looking at the Furman Elite-15 DM i
to connect my tube amp, DAC and streamer. 

It seems clear from other forums that the DAC could gain some benefit from cleaner power.  

But it other forums also point out that AC filters could also limit the amp performance.

what cost effective approaches have others taken?

I use a Furman Elite 15 PFI for my front end components. I have my tube amp plugged straight into the wall. The Furman can be power limiting. There are some power conditioners though designed especially for amps. I personally have not tried any of them. Not only is there the cost of the conditioner but another power cord as well. I would not want both my front end components including turntable and amp using the same power conditioner. Try plugging your amp straight into the wall and see how it effects the sound.

I've had considerable success using a PS Audio Premier Power Plant regenerator for everything but my amp which is conditioned through use of a PS Audio Duet.  This may work well here because I live in a rural area where I am not sharing power with lots of people/businesses in close proximity. My Premier, as I type this shows 2.5% incoming distortion, outputting after regeneration, .6%.  Some AGON members have mentioned urban distortion over double what I receive from my power company.  In their case, a quality generator or uber effective conditioner is a necessity.

I am in a unique and different situation myself but i have devoured info on this subject,you will never get a 100% answer either way. Price is a concern? if so i think there is one used here for a few hundred bucks. do you need to control voltage? i do so i lean toward the p series like the p2400ar i do like the reference it( it woud be my choice if i didnt need voltage reg)  if you want to put an amp thru it dont skimp it will cost ya imo .. core is also coming out with a 1500 and 1800 watt supply this month ,conditioning power is a hot debate . if you do run balanaced power it will cost ya.hit up eric squires he has alot of knowledge in this department and i think he may also have a 15 for sale ..

The guys at McCormack told me not to use anything between the amp and the wall outlet. So, I don't.
I do have a PS Audio Dectet for the other stuff. I, too, am concerned about power fluctuations and spikes, but, despite numerous power outages, my DNA-1 amplifier hasn't suffered any damage to date.
If I could afford a power regenerator, maybe I would get one, but, being a poor gardener with a taste for quality sound, I think I can live without one.-Besides SMc, can fix anything that happens, and upgrade it to boot.
Thanks for all the responses.  

i worry to plug my tube amp directly into the wall.  I live in NC and we have frequent  lighting storms.  Should I just plug the amp into a surge protector power strip or is there a better way to go about doing this?

I will have a max of 7 component to plug in.  
For outstanding protection from surges and over and under voltage, get a Panamax MR4300. Same company as Furman. Just as good, not as expensive. The unit has high amp outlets and although is not 100% passive it is nearly 100% passive. It has basic line filtering too for noise, etc.
Another vote for PS Audio Premier Power Plant, it makes a big difference in soundstage and depth and the results are immediate when I take it out system and plug everything directly into the wall. I simply can't live without it in system.

 I live in the Chicago area and we have a lot of summer storms as well. I still plug my Audio Research Ref 110 straight into the wall. I would not have my amp turned on during a storm. Power strips can have a negative  effect on the sound.. There are power conditioners especially for amps. Shunyata made a 2 outlet version of the Hydra. They usually sell for around $300 

 I had an older PS Audio Power Plant, not the Premier. It did have a very positive on the sound. But I had a lot of problems with it kicking off after I got a tube CD player. I already had a tube preamp  You certainly could not plug a power amp into it. I do not know what kind of draw the Premier will handle.