Protect LED on McCormack DNA HT1 wont go off

I purchased a Blue Circle BC101 today to use in front of my McCormack HT1. I was doing some switching comparing the amp direct from audio interface vs with preamp. I kept switching the cables without turning the units off(i know.. dumb move, now i've learned). When i plugged the rca's into the soundcard once something weird happened and the amp started cutting out during the bass notes then after a few seconds went into protect mode and hasn't gone off yet. I swapped the amp with a rotel and realized the audio interface did something strange where there was sound coming from the right channel even though the volume was all the way down. I unplugged it and rebooted my computer and now the interface works fine again. But my beloved HT1 doesn't play sound. Is there a place inside to reset it and get it out of protect mode? Or have I done some damage?
Fuses. Sounds like you have blown one or more of the internal 4A rail fuses. Replacing the blown fuses should get you back in business. Refer to your owner's manual for more information, and contact me directly if you don't have a manual.

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Steve McCormack
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There are 4 rail fuses inside.TURN THE AMP OFF FIRST!!! Remove the cover and replace the blown fuses. They are located on the side boards of the amp.
Thanks for the responses.. nice to hear from the designer himself! You are correct, it was a fuse. I didn't originally see it because it was one of the ones buried at the bottom of the board, I had to use a snake light to see it! Quite the use of space inside that chassis. And those fast blow mini fuses are not that easy to find stocked, but a surplus shop came through for me. It was worth the search. The rotel doesn't hold a candle to this amp. Back to enjoying fine sound. Thanks again :) Cheers, Mladen.