Pros/Cons of moving from CJ PV 10 to SS?

I currently have a CJ PV10 for my preamp. I’m considering replacing it with a solid state preamp around $2000. What are the pros and cons of such a move?

Reasons for the move:
The CJ doesn’t have much in the way of resolution.
I will get a high pitched whine after its been on for several hours. Its done this with all the tubes I’ve tried.

Current set up:

Rotel cd player with PS Audio Dac, w/level three Cullen mods.
Amp: Wyred ST 500 (Replaced aging PS Audio 240 watt mono blocks. The Wyred sounds better).
Speakers: Energy 22.3. This was one step down from the Veritas series. It’s a bit forward sounding. I expect to replace it with either Dynaudio Focus 22.3’s or Vandersteen 3A Signatures.

Music: Almost anything acoustic, 60’s rock.
With your description of preamp,it seems to have a problem.Had no such symptoms with mine.There's an Airtight ATC1 that finished at auction with buyer unable to proceed.Its available for 1455$.Great history and new tubes.It was 6K 5 years ago.That would be a winner.Other than that lots of great pre's here for 2K.Good luck,your going to be happy real soon with what you have,Bob
Pro you will likely end up with a cleaner sonic going SS. You will almost certainly eliminate the high pitched sound, but as mentioned that is suggestive of a physical problem with your pre that should not exist. You may want to get it fixed. The rest of your system sounds fine and with 6 Moon's little shoot out comparing two First Watt amps with the M designed to have a wqarm sound, the Cullen Wyred was found to be even warmer. Yes look it up! I would be careful going overboard with Vandy's. So its a pro for a more middle of the spectrum synergy if you use a crisp SS pre, with the rest a little toasty.
The con, and it's a big one, is the potential loss of stage, air and halography, which is what I always found was the great beauty of tubes. I would suggest to fully appreciate this phenomena try an all tube system with pre and power tube amps. It's quite a revelation. Too me it was, anyway.
I would strongly suggest you at least contact RHB Dezigns who modifies cj and other hi-end equipment. They are real pros. and design their own circuits to maximize the original preamp. They modified my cj PV-12L and the openness and smoothness is amazing. I have met Bob Backert. He is a true gentleman and committed to making the most of your gear.
why through the baby out with the bathwater would suggest you get a used ARC 100.2 that has a nice 100 k input imp and your existing CJ will fly with the Vandersteen 3A sigs.
and you will be hooked without wondering about your Music
Cheers Johnnyr
First of all CJ has good resolution under normal operating conditions. The unit you've described has problems. Call conrad johnson and ask for service help--they're the good guys in audio. They will guide you to the right solution, whether repair or replacement.
IMHO you WON'T get greater resolution with a solid state unit necessarily--certainly not the 'warmth' or musicality that the cj offers.
Good luck.
PV-10 Review It coincides with what the owner hears.
In my experience and in general you need to move up the food chain $ to get more resolution that is what you pay for. I went from a cj PV-10 to a cj premier 16ls II and better resolution was one of the improvements along with better frequency extention.

Tubes sound different than ss so that is something you have to decide you want. But a tubed pre with ss amp is a great combination at least in my experience.

And as others have said something is wrong with your PV-10 as mine was very quiet.

Oldnslow: I bought a C-J PV-11 here on Audiogon about 4 years ago. Not sure when they started, but I have had some issues with it. First, like yourself, I get an intermittent high-pitched whine or whistle out of one channel. After two re-tubes (one done by myself, one done by C-J), I still have this issue. I think it is tube related, since moving positions on the tubes moves the whine. Second, I have a fairly pronounced channel imbalance. It is big enough that the PV-11's balance control is not always able to compensate. This is also variable, and seems to deteriorate as the PV-11 warms up.

A year ago, I sent the unit into C-J for a retube, repair of the channel balance issue, and check-up. Although C-J is pleasent to deal with, they could not reproduce the channel imbalance in their lab. The unit got a clean bill of health from C-J, but the two issues persisted after the check up and retube.

Although I found the PV-11 to be very musical and detailed, I was not willing to make any more attempts to repair it. I decided to go in another direction, which so far seems to be a success. However, I did stay with a tubed pre. This is the only tubed component in my rig, and I feel tubes provide a certain musicality that a 100% SS system cannot. YMMV, but before you commit, try to audition whatever $2K SS preamp you have in mind in your system, and judge for yourself. If the PV-11 did not have these two issues, I could have lived with it for many more years. It is quiet (for a tube pre), dynamic, detailed, natural sounding and fairly extended. That said, my replacement preamp offers even more detail, a better soundstage and more bottom-end extension.

If you are willing to spend the money to use RHB Design's services, perhaps they can do a better job than C-J itself. I considered it, but the idea of taking a big, non-reversable chance that RHB could fix everything and improve the PV-11 appealed less to me than just getting something a bit better, with none of the issues of my PV-11, and add some long-desired features as well.

Let us know how you make out!
After reading the responses since my first posting I would still advise you to contact RHB Dezigns and talk to Bob or his son. These guys really get it and will tell you what they can and cannot do.

Remember, they are not part swappers. They diagnose the gear and propose solutions that can get you where you want to be.

You have nothing to lose in contacting them before saying goodbye to a classic piece of gear.

All the best!
Thank you everyone for the responses! I think I'll check out rhb first.
I own a Conrad-Johnson PV-11 that exhibited the ringing issue intermittently. The problem would temporarily go away if I turned the preamp off for a minute and turned it back on. The problem completely disappeared when I added a PS-Audio P-600 power conditioner to my system. Go figure.

Here is a link to an old thread that discusses ringing 12au7's in C-J preamps.

I also use a SS McCormack MAP-1 preamp for home theater which is very nice. It is very clean, detailed, and quieter than the PV-11. If you are looking for that kind of sound take a look at McCormack. I still prefer the PV-11 for music though.