pros and cons to running bare wire

I am about to buy some Reynaud HP216A speaker wire and have heard they recommend no termination (I am waiting for a reply from JM Reynaud about this) I can understand this may sound better as it would remove 2 soldier connections per wire but are there any side effects or negative reasons to doing this.

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Pro: One less connection.

Con: bare wire can oxidize and create a poor connection.

Timo is right in his assessment. Here's a couple hints to keep you from constantly chopping off and reconnecting your new speaker wire. Buy some cheap, thin cotton gloves and wear them while you are cutting and stripping the wire. Use a washer on the binding posts placing the wire between the washer and the amp/crossover. Tighten the binding posts as tight as you can BY HAND. Oil and air is what hastens oxidation. You will need to re-terminate once or twice a year at most if you follow this advice.
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I have read the Reynaud wire is silver so there is no oxidation. I have no idea if this is true but I have decided to buy the wire this way. It seems to me there would be a cleaner that would 'clean up' the oxidation instead of having to re-terminate

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Silver, I believe tarnishes, ie, oxidizes, like all other metals. And you're right. A contact cleaner like Pro-Gold will clean the wire; thus you won't have to keep cutting off the tarnished bare wire.

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