Pros and Cons of using same brand IC- please

Hi, I have been using same brand IC.(harmonic tech-TruthLink ) for CDP to Pre and Pre to Power amp.
I read few website reports that 1 pair is good but 2 pair is'nt as good (for such applications);just wonder do you confer such findings ? Whats the reason behind it ?
Your explaination, opinions is eagerly needed and thanks in advance
When folks use IC's and cables to tune their systems using all the same type of Ic's andcable could be counter productive. If You are trying to change the tonal response of a CDP, for example, you might use IC "A" between the CDP and the pre-amp, but to also use it between the amp and pre amp might take the correction over the top. If you using IC's and cables known for neutrality then there is no harm in using all the same brand of IC's, and maybe no benefit either.
Thanks Newbee. Due to inadequacy of my command in Eglish; I would like to understand correctly,....." but to also use it between the amp and pre amp might take the correction over the top "- what do you mean by "might take the correction over the top " ? please.

I have a pair of lesser quality IC.(also Copper )"B" ,should I connect this from CDP to Pre ? or the other way around ?? -( for overall better sounding )
I am eager to hear your(or other reader)opinion and suggestions.
Thanks in advance
It is really depends on if your system is neutral sounding or not. There is no definite answer to match each and every system. Assume your system is neutral, I use more refined IC (better grade fine silver and copper type) between the CD and preamp. I use less refined but bigger bandwidth ( thicker gauge silver and copper) cable between the preamp and amp.
If your system is on the warm and thick sounding, I would use more refined cable on the preamp to amp side and vise versa.
Thanks S23chang.
My less refined IC is Chorus-Straightwire( GOOOD Bass , strong mids ),while TruthLink is BIGGER (+ 25%THICKER gauge)- supposed to be HIGHER Copper purity ,cost almost 6X more $ .
Whats your suggestion then ?- should Chorus go CDP to Preamp ? or Pre to Amp ?
Thanks in advance
Chang, tell him to get his power right, will you?
Try either way and see what sounds better to you.
When I said thicker gauge, I mean the strand wire ( not the whole cable itself.) If I have more choice, I would get rid of the Chorus and get something else for the CDP to preamp.