Pros and Cons of Side Firing Woofers

A number of well reviewed speakers in cluding the Audio Physic Virgo and Audes Blues use side firing woofers as wel as a couple of others.

What are the Pros and Cons of floor standing speakers with side firing woofers?
I would be soooooo interested in reading about this one!

It doesn't make a difference.

Waves can't "see", "feel", whatever - details that are much
smaller than the wavelength. The wavelengths for subwoofer
frequencies are many feet long.

So little details, like which way the woofer is pointing;
don't make a difference.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
The advantage is that the baffle can be kept narrower than the diameter of the woofer. However my wide baffled Spica Angelus image wonderfully so I'm not sure a narrow baffle is required for imaging, though this is the argument used by those trying to sell narrow speakers.

I suppose a disadvantage would be if you had to place the speaker close to a side wall, or equipment rack then you might get excessive reinforcement and boomy bass compared to a front firing woofer. Mind you these would be lousy placement for any speaker.

So, in summary I don't really see any advantages or disadvantages. It's really just a "school of thought".
Look in archives with a search for a thread called "Side Firing Bass Designs - pro's & con's?". Pretty well covered the subject.