Props to Black Cat Cables

I happen to own a pair of the old BC Morpheus ICs and I think they’re fine for the money, but that’s not what this thread is about. I just think it takes guts to do what Chris does in that he shows you on his website exactly what you are buying.
A wiggly piece of wire in a plastic tube with some shielding around it. Again, I’m not criticizing. Quite the opposite. Whether it sounds good or bad or whatever is not my point. Chris gives you the choice - here’s what I’m selling and you can buy it or not. I have never seen a cable manufacturer do this, except for Mike Powell who has videos of the silver ribbon in his cables. Take a look. Other cable maker show you parts of what they do, but I’ve never seen anyone do it like this. Well, Blue Jeans does, but that's just Belden.
I’m very interested in trying the Coppertone speaker cables and IC’s based on the reviews and its pricing. I agree its refreshing to show the wiggly wire, I tip my hat to Chris and I hope to get his cables soon.
I think its not just the ’wiggly wire’ that makes Chris’s cables so extraordinary, it is also his excellent skill in constructing them and knowing exactly what is needed to make a great sounding cable!
I recently replaced a Shunyata pc with one of Chris’s Silverstar pc’s--
and the upswing in SQ was very considerable!
I think the wiggly wire is a technique to help prevent long portions of the wire to sit on the PTFE tube.  I suspect the goal here is to reduce the amount of contact dielectric that reduces electrical energy.
It may well be the greatest cable construction of anyone, but my point was that Chris actually shows you exactly what you are buying.  That is pretty rare.  
I love Black Cat cables too, but doesn't Cardas also do this?

I just placed an order for a Coppertone IC from the Black Cat website. 1-3 weeks lead time for production, very excited!
I think you will be very pleased indeed. Do post again once you have had a chance to listen.
What are you replacing?
Sure will do. Replacing a Transparent Music Link RCA from my tube phono pre to my integrated. I'm very happy with the Music Link RCA from DAC to integrated but in the analog chain, I feel like it needs a different flavor. Fingers crossed it will give me the sound I'm looking for.
Replacing a Transparent Music Link should be a very nice step up in SQ.
Chris is very open about exactly what you are paying for. It helps that his cables go against the garden hose trend and are flexible, easy to work with, and most importantly sound great for their price. 
I think Chris's cables actually compete against cables that are many times their price. As such, i don't think they are just great for the price, i think they are great- period!
Looking to buy a Black Cat Silverstar 75...
Hate to say it but Black Cables are NOT cheap cables in terms of price. Not sure where the value discussion is here in relation to how they sound. Would love a pair but the recommended ICs for my system $2k!! 
@jc51373  Chris has cables starting at just a few hundred dollars! His Coppertone line is the current entry level. Compared to many cables that are multiples of the Coppertone price, you will find that the Coppertone more than holds its own. Like all cable manufacturer's, Chris has entry level cables and others that are multi kilo-buck. 
The "Flatwave" revision to the Coppertone line that came out earlier this year looks very interesting.  Pity more people don't report on this IC.