proper settings for Toshiba 40H80 16X9 rear projection tv???

Anyone own one of these Toshiba 40H80 (or TW40X81) Theater wide rear projection TV's???...WHAT SETTINGS DO YOU USE?!!! (most specifically contrast and brightness!!!!). I've been having challenges in figuring for proper final brightness/contrst level's, and could use some recommendations!
I've used Video Essencials and others, and various reference DVD's, and when I think I've got the black level where the black is black, everything else seems too dark! I think I have the contrast set right, but not sure. My settings are 24 *(contrast) and 40 (brightness)...temp is at "cool" setting..which I know is correct on this set.
Also, what DVD player's do you use or recommend???
This is pretty simple. With or without the setup disc.The set needs calibration/ but /to get as much as possible before then: Make sure the set has been on for a couple of hrs. Find a scene with light and darknes within the same frame. put the player on pause; work the contrast till all objects in the dark part are visable/ without a grey haze.Too much contrast and you will loose detail/ too much brightness will turn things hazy.Gotta get that fine line between.Before you spend a dime on a new one/ keep the old dvd player (if it works); get an ISF calibration. You won't believe what is possible with the set. Thinking you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear;by getting a setup disc is a common mistake.A $300/to $350 calibration will make more improvement than a $5000 dvd player.
hello,just had my toshiba TW56h80 calibrated by a isf technician,cannot put into word's the huge improvement in picture.i agree with avguygeorge,befofe spending any money on components have your set calibrated.i'am using an older sony 530 non progressive dvd player,videophile friends that come over and watch can't belive the type of picture quality
the set is now capable the near future i'am going to upgrade my dvd player to progressive,just doing my homework on have an excellent set,but to get the performance you paid for it must be calibrated.good luck.